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Pastor, Prophet, or Christian Business Owner are you ready to adjust your sphere of influence?

Using a reformation process resulting in the cultivation of God's Kingdom agenda is the route to take.

Apostolically Led & Prophetically Influenced Consulting, Deliverance and Impartation

Rev Lolita Turner

Praise the Lord for Dr. GreeneBarr!

A few years ago while attending the Washington Annual Conference. Dr. GreeneBarr told me to move forward in the Ministry and not to shrink back.

I knew God had spoken to her to tell me to allow Him to use me.

Rev. Lolita Turner

Some of the conditions we address ...

Lack of spiritual gifting

Biblical Illiteracy




Paralysis of faith

Hope Deferred

Ineffective Prayer

and more...

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It Was A Life Changing Experience

I recall the time I went to New York with Pastor GreeneBarr. Mind you, when I first got the phone call inviting me on this journey, my initial reaction was no way. Besides, as I explained to her, I already had plans. Pastor GreeneBarr simply said that I had been put on her heart and was supposed to go. Well, as God would have it, my plans got canceled. Before I knew it there, I was in New York at the 9-11 Memorial site, along with my wife and daughter, in one of the most significant God moments of my life. 

We had gone there with Pastor GreeneBarr, along with members from her church, to call America back to God. At the 9-11 site, we formed a prayer circle of about 20 of us and started praising God and singing hymns. Before you knew it, the circle grew to 30, then 40 strong as more people joined in. Not only that, but people were also joining in from afar, and you could see people across the plaza raising hands and worshiping God.

Well, all this activity made the security guards nervous, and I remember them approaching Pastor’s husband telling him that we had to stop this. Thinking on his feet and directed by the Holy Spirit, he told security to just let us finish, and that would be much less disruptive than trying to break us up and finish we did. While the security guards were on the phone with their superiors trying to determine how to shut us down, the crowd grew; before long, the entire plaza was erupting in praise.

That was just one of many memories from that trip. God moments were happening everywhere, from a little child handing a big policeman a flyer about America coming back to God, to Pastor GreeneBarr holding up signs outside Good Morning America and getting on National Television. Getting on Good Morning America was one of Pastor GreeneBarr’s initial goals, and when her invitation was turned down, she stood outside the studio until the cameras found her. The thing that struck me most about that trip was how at the end of the day, Pastor GreeneBarr would confide in us and tell us about how her body was physically sore and how it felt like she went 10 rounds with Muhammad Ali.

All of this is to say my friend, Pastor GreeneBarr, is a true woman of God who refuses to let anything stand in the way of what God wants to do through her and with her. I thank God that she has become a part of my life, and I will never forget the trip to New York that I never did want to take, but I am so glad I did.

Pastor Tom Bader

Pastor Tom Bader

About the process

Ours will not be a conference-style one size fits all process. Instead, we will take into view the polarities between your private and life, the state of your soul, and the state of our Nation, your personal faith as it flows into your business, family, and God assignment.

We will hear Holy Spirit's wisdom and implement each unction, revelation, and direction even when they seem the oddest of all leadings. We will utilize a classic engineering model but with a Kingdom eye to trigger the transformation God is calling for now.

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29 Years in Ministry

10X Hours of Consulting

Countless Lives Shifted

dr greenebarr

Why Dr. GreeneBarr?

Spiritual Engineer 

    She turns blueprints into operations 

    Do the blueprints of your life exist only in your mind, and when you've tried to put them into tangible operations, some things never quite come together with precision? Help is here.

    She flows "cross-connectionally"

    If you've been focusing strictly within your professional subset, hearing the same non-working ideas, you need eyes to see beyond your compartmental connections. Help is here.

    She understands "Influence Utilization"

    Influence peddlers abound, but have they empowered you in how to release your influence in a responsible way to elevate values and beliefs? Help is here.

Testimonies & Ministry Impact Statements

Sensationalism is trickery. We are focused on the sustainability of the soul. It's what we call "fruit that lasts".

Reverend Cecelia GreeneBarr is a childhood friend whom I have known for 40 years.

Her teaching and preaching have really helped me grow my faith. My spirit easily understood from the way she delivers her sermons, and she helps in any way she can to help others grow their faith. 

In addition, she's willing to give the advice to help others grow their ministries. She definitely has helped me grow my Ministry which is www.GmanTalking.com.

The Orange County area is very blessed to have her back here in our hometown area and her Ministry; what a blessing!

George Galbreath

George Galbreath

Who takes a chance on a person that they never knew existed? I needed a Field Mentor to complete my Masters of Divinity Degree, and I asked Reverend Dr. GreeneBarr If she would think about accepting the task. 

Not many would have said yes, but Reverend Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr stepped up to the challenge and invested time and Energy when she had many other obligations. 
She imparted her wisdom and knowledge into my life, making a global impact on my ministry. She is a strong voice in this season. 

Because of her influence in my life, I am on a few media platforms, and other doors opened. I now move in confidence because of her encouragement and firm support. I now feel that I am one of the voices helping to change the world globally.

Dr. Arlynda Thompson

Dr. Arlynda Logan-Thompson, Evangelist

Amid the pandemic in 2021, Dr. GreeneBarr and I were supporting in service at a homegoing celebration. There was a light that radiated inward and outward from Dr. GreeneBarr, and the prayer of Jabez arose in my spirit! I knew at that moment, and I shared with her that I felt God was in the process of expanding her.

For over 2 decades that I've known her, she has poured into people at their lowest. When some people were in their valley moments and had plateaued in their careers, she was there for them. She’s positioned herself to be attentive to those in need and obedient to her calling.

Whatever the next is, I’m excited to participate in her celebration of elevation.

Forward Thinking! 


Dr. Portia Lockett

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Is it your top priority to penetrate culture with Kingdom values?

The Kingdom of God is bigger than the Church, and the values of the Kingdom are not always the values we've heard religious institution leaders espouse. Religious leaders tend to shift with culture and cloak their personal opinions. The Kingdom of God never bows to culture. Instead, the intent is to inform every segment of society concerning the wisdom of God.

  • Prayer is your daily work

  • Representing God's interests alone

  • God's judgments are righteous.

  • Dependence on the indwelling presence of Holy Spirit


Communicating with God is a two-way flow that we must guard diligently. Therefore, scheduling daily allotment of uninterrupted prayer time is our daily spiritual work.


The consequences of acting on our beliefs may be swept away, not so with the principles of the Lord. When God judges a matter, the verdict is righteous.

Prevailing Cultures

Cultures are known to have hidden influencers in the shadows buying public personalities to voice their agendas. Ideas may be trending in society, but we only promote God's interests.

Spiritual Atmosphere

Two Kingdoms exist; light & darkness. We interact with both on different levels. The indwelling presence of Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide for commanding and shifting these Kingdoms.