Learning to know people & places

Returning to my hometown has been an eye-opening experience. So much has changed, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I'm discovering a new understanding and appreciation for my community

Creating & Breaking Cycles

"This happens a lot" is our way of recognizing the cycle. We vow to do whatever we can never to experience that uncomfortable situation

How to be responsible with the authority given by God

Unlike the gifts that God gives to us, spiritual authority from God is revocable!

Protection From People Who Want To Harm You

The Spirit of the Lord can let you know what is in someone's heart against you, even "hidden hate".

Press Into The Power Of God

Not all congregations are mature houses in which believers move past just being hearers of the Word into becoming doers of the Word.

Will God Help Me If I Ask Him?

Let me take you through the Word and give you some foundational scripture as I deal with the question, “Will God help if I ask?”.

Make The Switch To Faith

There is more than one way beloved to relate to God. There’s only one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There’s only one Alpha and Omega. There’s only one sovereign God.

How Does The Promise Of God Work?

Promises, those declarations that something will or will not be done are spoken with great care. Promises communicate assurances by which the receiver is able to base their expectations.

Tested By God | Heart Edition

There are two environments in which I thoroughly enjoy because of the learning that takes place. Those environments are sports and schools.

When Gods Don't Answer

Most Christians are absolutely aware of the passage of scripture when Ahab came through a line that sat on the throne as king but he messed around and married the wrong woman.

Standing In The Place Of My Father

Do you know what promises God has made with your father?. Anyone who understands the significance of standing in the place of their father must first know where their father is standing.

God Stabilizes The Scattered Church

We know about the gathered church and have only read about the scattered church. Think about the adjective “scattered”. It is the distributed or widely spaced church. It is the dispersed church.

God Has Prepared A Table For You

This is a word for survivors. Let’s start off with this understanding, Mephibosheth was a young kid when Jonathan and his grandfather, Saul lost their lives.

How Do We Fix Our Thoughts?

The account of restoration recorded in Nehemiah is inspirational for Christians today. The people of God have been attacked on many fronts during the pandemic both corporately and personally.

God Is With You To Do The Work

I want you to understand that we are moving towards something to happen on Pentecost Sunday. This is the day, according to Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came

Dedication Produces Favor After Famine

If you think about it in terms of stocks, you make the initial investment and you watch the rate of return. Returns go up and down, it’s all a part of the process.

The Gate Of Freedom and Deliverance

Prisoners of war have been captured while in territory which is not their home. They’ve been captured behind enemy lines. Prisoners of war have been treated brutally in various parts of the world.

Maintaining Integrity With God: A Biblical Worldview

Our passage is set in a teaching moment where Jesus is once again using parables to get profound principles into the heart of his followers.

Manifestation Of What God Shows

God communicated today like God communicated in the times recorded in the bible. Those forms of communication that we read in the bible did not cease after the death of the New Testament Apostles

Attending To The Vision

Recently I attended a training summit and was asked this question: How faithfully do I tend to the dreams/ideas that God put into your heart? It was an excellent question...

The Lord is About to Pass By

This phrase sounds odd considering that God is everywhere, all the time. Omnipresent is our God. Present everywhere at the same time is our God.

In Need of Rest and Restoration

This message is not just for the Energizer Bunnies among us, those of us who are mentally and physically engaged from sun up to sun down...

Movement Or Moment

Thanks to Disney Plus, I’ve now watched Hamilton many times. In fact, I’ve listened to the soundtrack enough to spontaneously have a private party based on the beat of the hip-hop rhythm....

God Doesn't Want Robots

The first experience I can recall where I thought about robots was at my very first full time job after college graduation...

Hearing Revelation From A Pen

It was early in the morning when I was outside having my morning meeting. I come to these meetings ready to hear, not just talk. This morning I decided to return to my favorite writing instrument.

Mantled For This Era

2020 was entering and Holy Spirit told me that relationships were about to change from dull to dynamic. Holy Spirit also told me an adjustment was coming...

Diamond Point Pen & Jeremiah 17:1

God has taught me the power of prophetic acts, prophetic vision and prophetic symbols. This pen hits all three categories.

How Your Peace Is Being Patrolled

Recently I was flying to attend a meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. I was sitting at the gate and talking on the phone when I saw something out of my peripheral vision.

Build Upon Breakthrough & Prophecy

God said, “Build Upon Breakthrough” During my morning walk, I noticed that one of my neighbors had this pile of materials in their driveway.

Being Oily In Presence And Power

It all began the first week of January 2019, God started sending me bottles of olive oil. In addition to receiving these bottles of oil, I would also receive messages from people...

Taken You By The Hand

One of the joys of my motherhood was the moment the children started walking. Not because of the relief to my arms from carrying them everywhere, but because we had entered into the stage of me...

The Language Of God During War

Every time I read my bible, God speaks to me. When I pray and make inquiry and supplications, God speaks to me. Whenever I intercede, wail and moan before the Lord, God speaks to me.

Permission Is The Poison That Kills

Motherhood is one of the jewels in my life crown. My children have been nurtured in the family lifestyle of permission. My husband and I never gave lectures on the place of permission...

Church Needs Spiritual Reformation

One of my relaxation enjoyments is watching rehab shows on television. Admittedly, I would not want to live in a house while it is being renovated. Just the thought of cooking in turmoil is not how...

Relationship With Accountability

The Parable of the Prodigal and His Brother. A father has two sons but one son, for whatever the reason, has decided he no longer wanted to be in fellowship with his family.

Protection For New & Weak Converts 2

When you become a citizen in the Kingdom of God, there’s a lot of things that you have to learn. Kingdom citizenship and church membership are not the same thing. You can join the church

Protection For New & Weak Converts 1

This lesson is directed towards those who have found themselves being tempted to sin by other believers. Feel inspired to share with a friend, new convert or anyone else under pressure to...

Attack Evangelism, Proceed With Caution

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve had a very fruitful campaign week but now I’m ready to return home. I stop at the breakfast bar for coffee after my morning workout...

Pray Against Paralysis

This morning I awoke to the shocking news from Charleston, SC as so many others. To say our hearts are heavy is an understatement. To say that humanity across the world are now praying...

Spiritual Gifts Strengthen

Weakness is all around us and is increasing in depth. Our nation has increasingly become morally and spiritually weak. The African American family structure has become dangerously weak

Pastor, Don't Wait Tables

I teach and preach often on the subject of accountable stewardship to the officers and members where I serve as Pastor...

PUSHY: The Old Narrative

Last month a highly qualified, productive and recognized woman was fired from her position because she knew her worth, value and was confident enough to speak truth to power.

Invitation to Partnership

An Invitation To Partnership

A Dangerous Quality

Which quality does the spirit of darkness have that is most dangerous to church people? I will not make you guess. It is that of being active! Think about it for a moment...

Confidence to Evangelize

Confidence to Evangelize

The Memory of Shaking Hands

My family and I spent the day meeting new people, and boy did we meet some fantastic souls. With only the exception of a couple Muslim sisters, everyone else...

Past Moves of God Are Gone

The other night after watching a tv show on a network I turned it off and retired for some well deserved rest. The next day when I turned the tv on to my bewilderment the channel was gone.

Spiritual Pregnancy

During my time of spiritual reading this morning I came across a line that made me pause in introspection. The line stated that Hannah was pregnant with a prophet and she had to first birth him in...

Seeding By Faith For A Spiritual Harvest

Seeding By Faith For A Spiritual Harvest

Kingdom Housewives

Real Housewives of the Kingdom

Radical Is Passé

Radical Is Passé

Innovation Is Not Just For Enterprise

One man’s innovation is another man’s history. Innovation drives the marketplace in sales, advertising and product research, but Industrialized nations and the businesses which spur growth...

Pulpit Plagiarism Or Borrowed Message

“I only read sermon books for inspiration,” is a statement that reminds me a lot of people who say, “I only buy those magazines for the articles”. I believe one about as much as I do the other.

Two Souls For Jesus

Jesus told his disciples to follow him and he would make them fish for people.

Biblical Preaching

What I've liked best about church is the preaching. I really like hearing the heart of God and a well-developed sermon brings it into view like nothing else.

Earning The Right To Be Heard

Recently I listened as Bishop TD Jakes made the statement that "You have to earn the right to be heard. Until you've suffered you've only earned the right to think".

War College: Witch Encounters

Consider this a verbatim of my second witch encounter. I've completed another campaign trip here at the New York Annual Conference and it is time to go to the next stop.

Watchman Alarm: Open Vision - Off-shore Prison Camps

What I’m sharing in this blog came to me in an open vision from the Lord, tonight, June 14, 2015, on my weekly prayer call.