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Kingdom Expansion Strategist | Publisher | Speaker | Author

As a Kingdom Ambassador

I've been appointed an Apostolic Prophet by God.

For the Believer, I provide to you instruction, wisdom, prophetic intelligence, and emotional resources necessary to prepare you to transform every place you influence into the culture of God's Kingdom.

For the Body of Christ, by executing the administration of God's Kingdom, I bring the work of reformation that strengthens the Church morally and spiritually so that it is in ailment with the Kingdom of Heaven. Using various platforms and arenas, I join Believers together, centered on their Kingdom responsibility to make known the wisdom and rule of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.


I know what it's like to have a dream, goal, desire, with obstacles blocking my path. But I found the answer to accomplish my visions, and you can too. So allow me to share the process with you. You may think it too difficult but let me show you how we do difficult.


After earning her Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, Cecelia pursued a career in her field working for industrial engineering and manufacturing companies. She was enjoying the realization that her education, matched with her chosen career, had provided when she heard Holy Spirit announce that God was inviting her to serve Him in ministry. It was a call to ministry and the beginning of her life as one of God's Prophets.

After that, everything shifted in her life, personally, professionally, and spiritually. Cecelia announced her call to the pastoral leadership of her local church and enrolled in seminary to ensure a solid theological understanding of the Bible. After graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity (with an emphasis on ethics), she began serving a local congregation thru preaching, teaching, and pre-marital counseling.

Cecelia also permanently changed careers leaving her former industry behind, but she took the engineering skillsets into full-time prophetic ministry. As God gives direction and foresight to Cecelia via dreams and visions, she has taken exacting steps to ascribe glory to God.

She founded Sharing Faith Ministries, earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Transformational Leadership, began pastoral ministry in 2004 as Senior Pastor and years later as Founding Pastor, became a traditionally and self-published author, produced a weekly Christian television broadcast on MyTV20 in Michigan, and established the publishing company GreeneHouse Publishing Agency (formerly known as GreeneHouse LLC) in 2007.

In 1998 Cecelia accepted Theron's marriage proposal. By a miracle of God, she defied medical reports and birthed two children, both are now pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering. As engineers, she likes to say that "We are a family that solves problems, natural and spiritual".

    TCT Television Interview

  • "It's about time the world had an opportunity to know who you are. You are one of the most gracious elect women of God and gifted beyond measure".

    Rev. Ronald Godbee 

What God says about Dr. GreeneBarr...

Prophet Rich Darnell

For the Spirit of God says...

"A key of David is being given to you for the rivers of life in your sphere of influence to come forth. The rivers of increase and overflow now come forth. The rivers of acceleration now come forth. The rivers of fruitfulness out of her belly will come forth now. Everything that has blocked, stopped or hindered whatever God called you to do will now begin to be removed by the flood of God's presence that goes before her.

God wants to settle you in your authority. God has commissioned you to see things shift that others may not ever see but by your prayers, presence, and your declarations, as you begin to repent and remit based on what God places in your spirit; as you do these things, God has given you authority to shift things that other people will begin to step into.

Some things will bear fruit for your own personal life, some things will impact other people's lives, and some things will impact a generation you will not see. There is an authority on you that God wants established in your heart. The rivers of life in you will replace what satan has brought upon the land. God is calling you to the ministry of reconciliation not just of people but also of the land back to Him."

Prophet Rich Darnell

Prophet Stacy Caldwell

For the Spirit of God says...

"Leaders are your followers because you deal with leaders effectively. You are building for your next "seat" to be taken legitimately. There is going to be a publication company very soon. I feel humbled that I'm rubbing shoulders with you because I"m catching you on the ground floor.

God said to me, "I've opened a door for you to talk to Dr. GreeneBarr, and you need to listen to what she has to say to you."

God says, there will be people like me, who will come to you crying, angry, and about to throw in the towel, and you will do for them what you did for me. You will pour into their lives, speak a Word that will reignite the fire inside of them, and they will call you "mentor."

That's why you are as hard as you are. God says you do grown-up ministry." God says your gift is to the world. You are a force in God to be reckoned with because of the power of God upon you.

You are the solid Christian leader I need in my life. God, Himself is directing you. Your ministry is pure, not polluted or tainted by someone else's opinion. You are so yielded to God. Your heart is so open to the will of God, and your ears are open to His voice.

Prophet Stacy Caldwell

"For the Lord says..."

"It's time for you to change your focus. It's not the journey. As you put your focus on me and that which you desire, and when you desire me more, you will find that the journey will take care of itself.

There are those who thought they knew what that journey should look like. Even you yourself tried to map it out and know how the map was supposed to go. But here is what I say, says the Lord, no longer will you know, In fact, I'll lead you, and then you'll know, It won't be in the places that are usual. It won't be what you thought it would be, but in this day, says the Lord, I will lead you, and you will find true victory. Victory over the things that you've seen in your spirit. The things that you've seen, the promises that you know are possible. For I am unlocking the impossible to you, says the Lord. It's more than anointing. It's more than gifting. It is that which comes in this hour by faith.

As you stand, the impossible will be opened to you. The Lord says I will send them to you who are facing the impossible, and you will have the Word in due season that will change and turn everything around. Yes, daughter! It's not about the journey now. It's about this, my presence as you've never known. I release this upon you now!

Apostle Shirley Arnold


Impact in their own words...

Ministerial Colleagues | Congregation Members | Friends

"Be prepared for a life changing experience"

"Dr. GreeneBarr came online everyday during the pandemic to encourage our faith. She cried out to us saying, "Be steadfast"! I'm proud to say she is my friend. I'm a better person, and preacher and my church has benefited because of what she has poured into me." 

Pastor John D. Hearn, Jr.

Christian Faith Ministries of Garden City

Angelec Johnson

"Jesus used her to reach me"

"I just want to say Pastor GreeneBarr is amazing. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for her. One morning the Lord woke me up told me where to go, and from the first sermon she preached, I knew she was anointed. All the years I have known her, she has always walked the Word. What she preaches and teaches, she lives. The way she is as a preaching teacher is exactly what I needed. With the help of the Holy Spirit, she has helped me have a deep understanding of the Word of God and what His expectations are for me. She pushed me to exercise my faith and what praise and worship mean to God. If it wasn't for her anointing, wisdom, guidance, and friendship, I would be a totally different person. I'm so grateful that Jesus used her to reach me."

Angelec Johnson

Presiding Elder Sherrod

"How has Dr. GreeneBarr affected my life?"

"Well, she reminded me that we have a connection with God that we have to activate every now and then. When we refuse to speak in that voice and language, we allow the devil to have its way with us.

I thank her for reminding me that I have this language to use when I'm going through it. She has been a great friend who has done great things for my ministry and Marriage.

I thank her for being a part of Michelle and my life. Great mentor and friend!"

Presiding Elder Frederick Sherrod


Dr GreeneBarr Inspiration Award

Impact in their own words...

"Without you I would not have this reinvigoration"

"Dr. GreeneBarr touched my heart and inspired me to reinvigorate my spiritual life. Thanks for coming to Dothan, Alabama..."

Dr. Latoya Torrence, MD, FACOG

Erin Billings

"Dr. GreeneBarr gave me my first shot as a music director"

I had the pleasure of working for Pastor GreeneBarr when I was just a young music major in college, dipping my toe into ministry.

She gave me my first shot as a church music director and gave me sound advice as I began my journey as a woman in church leadership, and I will be forever grateful for the wisdom she shared with me. She is a woman of integrity that has a wonderful prophetic gift, and it was an honor to have the opportunity to work with her!

Lisa Harris

"Conversations with Dr. GreeneBarr have been rich with insights and honest dialogue ever since I have known her."

The precious woman of God identified the little fox of low self-esteem lurking around the vines of my life. She laid the trap to catch the little fox by the tail through sound biblical teaching. She even provided materials from her personal library to cultivate the fruit of confidence in my life. I appreciate her willingness to impart around this issue and sow the first seeds related to this area.

As I reflect upon our conversations, I can honestly define them as mentoring moments in which the gift of prophecy would be stirred. This wonderful gift of the Spirit has operated in her life since our friendship began decades ago and has only increased. 

Evangelist Lisa Harris